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Meuschenia hippocrepis

These descriptions of NW Coast dive sites have been loosely derived from Michael Jacques excellent publication, Dive Tasmania - ISBN 0 646 30129 2. as well as from the observations of Leven SCUBA Club members.

Diving Depth
Port Sorell Estuary 8 - 25 M

Good Invertebrate life, Rocky bottom with boulders that slopes away into sponges. Look for Old Wives, Magpie Perch, Wrasse

Reefballs 20 M One of two artificial reefs established by the LSC. A boat dive for the experienced diver and situated off Moorlands Beach. Artificial marine habitat created out of concrete reefballs. Currently home to sponges, bryzoans, crabs, ascidians, cowfish, rays silverbellies, perch, and cephalopods
Horseshoe Reef 2 - 18 M Fairly uninspiring at shallower depths but out to sea there are more interesting features. Definetely the pick of the Devonport dives. Lots of kelp, seastars nudibranch, wrasse, Magpie & Barber,Banded Morwong, Ascidians, Bryzoa, Perch, Sponges. Cuttlefish etc etc
Devonport Breakwater 2 - 4 M Eastern side of Mersey Breakwater can be dived if no easterly blowing. Some bits of wreck about and kelp forest. Really a snorkel dive
Mersey Bluff 5 - 9 M Can be attempted as a shore dive but better from a boat in calm weather. A nice long dive is possible. Small but well defined features with interesting marine life, expect, cuttlefish, abalone, nudibranch,leatherjackets, seastars, anenomes, Magpie Perch
The Seal 28 - 30 M The other Leven SCUBA Club artificial reef. Wreck of the 66ft Seal situated 5 K off Don Heads. For the experienced diver only due to depth. Largely broken up and home to a couple of varieties of cod.
Don Heads 5 - 9 M Another easy dive (in the right conditions) in the same vein as Mersey Bluff. Can be attempted as a shore dive Expect, Bullseyes, Trachinops, Wrasse, Leatherjackets, Magpie Perch
Eugenana (Melrose) Quarry 5 - 13 M The only all year round all weather dive site on the NW Coast. An old limestone quarry that has filled with silt and rainwater over the years. Features freshwater eels, jellyfish, goldfish, the old mine workings and car bodies of various vintages.
Fourth Sister 10 - 18 M An extension of the 3 Sisters near Ulverstone. A 300 Metre reef that terminates at a pinnacle. Affected by current and home to many pelagics and filter feeding life
Old Tioxide outlet - Heybridge 1 - 10 M Something different. An easy beach dive in the right conditions. follow the old pipe out as far as you like. Usual shallow depth Bass St denizens
Blackman Reef 5 - 10 M A shore dive right in the middle of Burnie. A shallow reef extending about 300 Metres from shore at the eastern end of West Beach Reserve. Good for invertebratre life
Doctors Rocks ? ?
Wynyard Area 3 - 20 M  An extensive reef system ranging from 2 to 8 Kilometres off shore. Best done as a boat charter from the SCUBA Centre. Dive sites such as steps reef, sanctuary, Golden Canyon, Zoo offer excellent diving for all. Kelp beds, rocky walls, pinnacles, zoanthids, sponge gardens galore!
Table Cape 2 - 6 M A dive best suited to calm seas and certainly not when an easterly is running. A narrow reef close to the cape with medium to large boulders. A boat dive only.
Boat Harbour 2 - 15 M The easiest shore dive on the coast. There are 3 main dives here. Either head out to Bird Island from either Crystal Bay or Boat Harbour Point, or chuck a left at the point and creep along the western edge and back. Alternatively, saunter into western bay, pick up the Fibre optic cable and wander out to the finger reefs. Good navigation is essential. Plenty to see, Boarfish, Trevally, Zebra fish, squid, seapens, rays, prowfish etc etc
Sisters Beach - Sisters Island 5 - 25 M Probably the best collection of dive sites on the NW. Nearly all are boat dives except for the Glory Hole, to the east of Sisters Beach township. Around the area of Sisters Island are numerous reefs and bommies which support a wide variety of underwater features and life. Difficult to access if an easterly is running. Sisters Bommie is a favourite, easy to circumnavigate site. To the west of the boat ramp is Anniversery Point.
Rocky Cape 5 - 25 M Shore dives are possible from both sides of the cape as well as Boat dives on Outer reef. Popeyes Rock is popular in western conditions and on the other side Pebbly beach and the Boomer are the go if the easterlys arent too brisk. Seapen Point is very pretty. The wreck of the Southern Cross is worth attempting in the right conditions
Stanley Wharf 2 - 15 M A good shore dive if westerlies have wrecked everywhere else but pointless if an easterly has been running beforehand. Nasty climb down and back up the seawall but worth it. Giant Sponges, Skates, nudi's make this a real gem.